Ashley McWilliams

Ashley has 15+ years of experience working with students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process. As a counselor at a high ranking Northern California high school and a former college admissions officer, she has a holistic understanding of how the admissions process works every step of the way.

Jeralyn Johns

Admissions Expert

Jeralyn has over thirty years of experience in education including counselor for the past 25 years. Jeralyn’s experience as an external reader for UC San Diego for the past seven years has enabled her to gain valuable insight into college admissions and the importance of developing a strong foundation in early high school.

Dr. Candy Navarro

Admissions Expert

After completing her Master’s from Harvard, Dr. Candy Navorro began her career in admissions at University of Southern California. Currently, she serves as the Director of College Advising in an elite private high school, as an Alumni Interviewer for Harvard and an Application Reader for USC.

Alisa Berner

Admission Expert

Alisa has spent 22+ years working as a comprehensive counselor at a high-ranked public high school where she provided guidance to thousands of students and helped them gain admission to their dream colleges. For the past 10+ years, she has been an External Reader for UC San Diego Admissions.

Becky Swanson

Essay Coach

Becky Swanson has accrued her experience as an educator in the Midwest working with 7th through 12th graders for the past 14 years. Becky holds a Master’s degree in Education and currently teaches English at an elite high school near Purdue University.

Aliya Avarista

Admission Expert

Aliya is an empathetic counselor who earned her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. She currently serves as a key member of the Hopkins admissions committee in addition to other private universities. Additionally, she works with both elite independent and public schools.

Jessica Seth

Admission Expert

Jessica’s background at Harvard Medical School Outreach Program, Tufts Alumni Admissions interviewer and Questbridge Reader, gives her the experience needed to support students on the foundational aspects of their college journey. Jessica thrives working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Monica Ibrahim

Admissions Expert

Monica is an experienced college counselor with a Masters degree at Harvard's School of Education. Monica has worked 10+ years with students and families and leads a college counseling team at an international boarding school in New York. Monica also serves as an External Reader for UC Berkeley Admissions.

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