CeCe Belcher

CeCe has 15+ years of experience working in selective college admissions and counseling in private/independent schools in New York and Maryland. CeCe has enjoyed the opportunity to mentor, guide, and support students through their academic and social transitions to enable positive and valuable student experiences.

Anne Semone, Ph.D

Admissions Expert

Anne has 20+ years of admissions counseling, teaching and research experience at community colleges in California and the Midwest. She has also assisted dual enrollment students with college and financial aid applications. With a background in education and research, Anne provides expertise in essay writing, researching college programs, and navigating the college admissions process.

Sheila Vatan

Admissions Expert

With 10+ years of counseling experience, Sheila provides step-by-step guidance for students to showcase their identities and follow deadlines. A graduate of UC Berkeley and Columbia, Sheila gives families insight into the application process to help gain admissions to students’ dream schools.

Liz Harbour

Career & Major Specialist

Liz has 10+ years of coaching youth and their parents in skill development, career exploration and navigating the education system from 6th grade to graduate school. Before working in higher education, Liz created, developed and managed a family engagement program to increase student success for a high school district.

June Sylvester Saraceno

Essay Coach

June has an MFA in creative writing and has taught literature, writing and humanities courses at university level for 20+ years. During that time, she earned numerous teaching awards including Nevada’s Outstanding Teacher in Humanities Award and the Ansari Gold Medal for Distinguished Teaching at Sierra Nevada University.

Ana Maria Soler Ed.D.

VP of Programs

Annie is the UCEazy Vice President of Programs where she oversees all programmatic elements of the family’s experience. As an advocate for college access, her doctoral research on first-generation students and 15+ years of experience support the alignment of the Academy’s 8th-12th grade programs.

Tara Palmer

Essay Coach

Tara has been a literacy educator for 14+ years. Since she teaches multilingual students, it has always been her passion to provide them with the tools needed to excel in school and beyond. She believes she can develop a student’s inner voice by providing authentic learning opportunities.

Carolyn Reynolds

Essay Coach

Carolyn has been teaching English/Language Arts and Study Skills for 8 years, ranging from 7th to 10th grade and believes everyone can become a writer. She excels at helping reluctant young writers become empowered and engaged. Carolyn enjoys guiding students to discover their writing strengths and helping them develop skills.