Alison Tovar

Ali has over 15 years experience as an Education Specialist, working with students and families to ensure student success. She believes all students have the ability to reach their goals, and specializes in implementing strategies to support each student based on unique individual needs.

Treana Marbrey

As a reader for the University of California admissions office and with 10+ years of experience as a College & Career Advisor and Counselor TreAna has significant experience in working with students and families through the college admissions process. TreAna’s strength is her work with first generation students and those whose parents were educated outside of the US.

Kaitlin Alexander

Essay Coach

Kaitlin is a career educator with a master’s degree in education and ten years of experience in secondary language arts classrooms. As a remote coach, she works with teens across the globe on both their writing skills and supporting their executive functioning skills.

Denise Johnson

Admissions Expert

Denise has extensive experience in various counseling settings, including comprehensive middle and high schools. As a counselor at high performing charter and public schools for the past eight years, she has helped her students gain admittance to colleges including: University of California, Los Angeles, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Princeton. Denise believes in working with the whole student, and practices a holistic approach to counseling.

Claudia G

Admissions Expert

Claudia is a comprehensive Counselor with over 15 years of experience in educational counseling. Her career spans across all grade levels, various programs in California, including one of the most competitive public high schools in the Bay Area.

Tanya Cummings

Admission Expert

Tanya has 15 years of college admissions experience both in selective private college admissions on the East Coast and at an elite private high school on the West Coast. Tanya boasts a long list of students gaining admissions to STEM focused majors at top universities across the country.

Stephen Williams

Essay Coach

Stephen has over 30 years of experience in education serving in various roles such as AP English teacher and college counselor. His extensive knowledge has been passed on through his professorship at the prestigious UC Counseling Certification Program.

Andrea Rasmussen

Admissions Expert

Andrea has over 10 years of experience working with students and their families. She’s worked at both public and elite private high schools and serves as an external reader for undergraduate applications for the UC admissions office. She’s passionate about helping students identify their future goals and find their paths. Andrea has honed the skills to empower, guide, and encourage students to actualize their potential and how to achieve it.

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