Dr. Emily G Goldman

College Admissions Expert

Emily is an instructor at UC Irvine’s College Counseling program. She has earned Ph.D. (NYU), M.A.( Columbia), and B.A. (Duke)

David Campos

Director of Programs and Solutions

David is a Stanford graduate with more than 10 years of experience in college admissions. He is a strong believer in developing a multi-dimensional student for success in college admissions.

Dennis Yan


Dennis immigrated from China and has degrees from Purdue and USC. He worked as an admissions officer at Purdue and UC Berkeley for many years.

Dr. Leni M. Silverstein

Essay Coach

Leni is an international consultant with more than 20 years experience as an anthropologist, educator, professor, grantmaker, program evaluator, writer and editor in the US and overseas, particularly Brazil. She has read and evaluated grant applications and programs for major international foundations and multilateral organizations.

Dr. Tina Singh

Admissions Expert

Dr. Tina Singh is an experienced and passionate admissions counselor with an extensive STEM background including: Biochem major and research at UCSD, sat for the MCAT, currently AP Chemistry instructor with a high AP pass rate.

Dr. Monica E. Randall, PhD

Admissions Expert

Monica has over 25 years of experience in the college admissions space. Having previously served as VP of admissions and financial aid at a university, Dr. Randall is an expert at guiding students to their dream college. Dr. Randall has three post graduate degrees including her Doctorate in Public Policy.

Deema Shehabi

Admissions Expert

Deema is an experienced private college counselor passionate about helping students develop both qualitative and quantitative factors to tip the scales in college admissions. She has over 10 years of experience in working with high school students in college admissions and currently serves as the College Counselor at a high ranking Bay Area high school.

Deanna Goldberg

Admissions Expert

Deanna has over 25 years experience in college admissions counseling. She is a UCLA graduate and is a reviewer for the prestigious UCLA Alumni Scholarship Program.

Dr. Cynthia Gutierrez

Admissions Expert

As an alumni of UCLA in both undergraduate and graduate work, Cindy loves her work as an external reader of UCLA applications. Cindy’s 15+ years of experience working with students to gain admissions into their top choice colleges, makes her a top expert in working with students and families.

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