Nicole Varveris

Nicole is an energetic counselor with 6+ years of experience working with high achieving students at Stanford’s Online High School. Nicole is passionate about guiding students through High School and puts an emphasis on getting to know her students holistically to best support them using a student-focused counseling approach.

Nick Keough

Essay Coach

Nick has 14+ years of English teaching experience. AP English Literature and Research & Writing are the courses where he has spent most of his career. Nick believes that the ability to communicate, especially through clear, concise writing is an essential skill, one that can be learned and honed with guidance and practice.

Nicholle Wyatt

Admissions Expert

Nicholle has 14+ years of experience as an External Reader at UCLA and UCSD Admissions. She is also the Lead Admissions Coach for USC’s Bovard Scholars Program. Nicholes’s 25+ years of college counseling, including at an elite private high school, supports her students in gaining admissions into their dream college.

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