Abhishek Mangla

Abhishek Mangla

CS and Engineering Career Expert

Abhishek is a UC Berkeley graduate with many years of technical experience as a software engineer at leading tech companies. He has worked on interesting problems, like scaling Amazon Alexa and automating material analysis at NASA Ames Research Center. He has mentored several students in understanding the computer science career pathway and served as the head TA for classes at the university level, including Advanced Cryptography, Logic and Boolean Algebra, and Discrete mathematics at UC Irvine.


About Abhishek Mangla

Abhishek is a UC Berkeley graduate with more than 4 years of technical experience as a software engineer at some of the Bay Area’s large tech companies. His technical experience ranges from doing machine learning research in the domain of IoT devices to presenting at local computer security conferences on poorly-managed cloud storage solutions. For most of his professional life he has mentored several students and taught classes in computer science topics ranging from Boolean logic to graduate-level cryptography. Aside from work, Abhishek enjoys taking pictures of new and exciting foods, which motivate him to travel or at least seek out hidden local gems.

I believe programming is an important skill for everybody to understand in this day and age. It’s incredibly empowering because knowing how to code can be one way to implement ideas that can change the world. As such, my approach is not to simply teach the syntax of coding but provide an environment to foster a problem solving attitude.


  • Bachelors in Computer Science, UC Berkeley
  • MS, Computer Science, UC Irvine

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