Alisa Berner

Alisa Berner

Alisa has spent 22+ years working as a comprehensive counselor at a high-ranked public high school where she provided guidance to thousands of students and helped them gain admission to their dream colleges. For the past 10+ years, she has been an External Reader for UC San Diego Admissions.


The last 15 years, I have been at the #3 rated public high schools in the county according to Niche. I have counseled students who have gone to Ivy League, liberal arts, top-ranked private and public colleges. I specialize in working with students and their families academic, career and social/emotional development. My passion is to help students find their own pathway through personality and career assessments and developing a college list that “fits” their goals.

Counseling Style:

I strongly believe in the importance of students maintaining a healthy balance in their school and personal life. As a mom to four, I have both the professional and personal experience of the college process.


I enjoy spending time with my family camping, snow skiing, ATV riding, and spending hours on the beach reading a book.


  • Master of Arts Degree, Counseling. School Counseling -University of San Diego
  • Master of Arts Degree, Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling- University of San Diego
  • Bachelors of Science Degree, Recreation Administration.-California State University, Chico


  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential- State of California
  • Certificate in Character Education- University of San Diego


“I could say a lot but Michael put it the best. He said you were the best counselor he has ever had, in fact, much better than any of the college counselors who helped him. He is very good at looking into what he needs to do but then always verifies with the counselor.”

-Pam (former parent)

“Jasper graduated a year early with your help and approval. He got lucky and worked hard to get an internship with an expedition group out of Tahoe. He traveled around the world(India, Amazon, Antarctica) he was the youngest person to downhill ski Antarctica. Thank you for your help and encouragement.”

-Amy (former parent)

“Thank you for helping Jeffrey and our older son, Charles, in many aspects. With your support, Charles graduated from high school a couple of years ago and was accepted by UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and several other great schools. Charles decided to go to UCSD Department of Bioengineering since he was offered a full scholarship (Jacob scholarship) there.”

-Betty (former parent)

“Just wanted to send you a note, your caring support for all Meg went through last year has not been forgotten. She is back to the daughter she was raised to be and is thriving in college, along with maturing into a proud young woman. She still has plans on nursing or possibly med school and looking at studying in Paris. Without you and the support of her teachers she would not have made it to this point and looking at a bright future. Your caring and your efforts are still very much appreciated. You made a huge difference in my daughter’s life!!”

-Jim (former parent)

“When I was accepted to UCSC and waitlisted at Harvard, you told me I would really like UCSC. At the time it wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear, but you were right. I did really like UCSC. I doubted myself and my decision to go there for years, but in the end, it made me the person I am today. Right now I am applying for the same jobs as graduates from Ivy or NESCAC schools, and being a Banana Slug definitely sets me apart from the herd. I would like to become an actuary or go into finance, consulting, or some other very competitive, quantitative-based job.”

-Sophie (former student)

“I GOT INTO USD!!!!!!!! With a $15,000 merit-based scholarship every year for 4 years!!! I’ve been having a lot of discussions with my parents and we decided together that SDSU is a better financial investment for our family, but I really liked having the option of going somewhere else. I fell in love with the SDSU honors college and will be studying psychology with a minor in counseling and social change. I’m crazy excited and couldn’t be happier! Thank you for all your support!”

-Jennifer (former student)

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