Anna Cavanaugh

Anna Cavanaugh

Anna is an experienced and passionate College Admissions Counselor with 15+ years of experience at the high school level. She earned a Masters in Educational Counseling degree and excels in supporting student development. She enjoys guiding student in their early years to set them up on a path to success.


About Anna

Helping families navigate the college process is my passion. I understand it can be confusing and overwhelming; I became a counselor to help alleviate some of that stress for my students. I have helped many former students gain admission to schools such as Harvard, Stanford, most of the UC’s and CSU’s, Cal Tech and more. I love my job! My favorite thing is helping families to understand the big college picture and all the options available for each unique person. I believe that a students social emotional health as well as academic talent are vital in preparing to apply for college. When I am not at work I can be found spending time with my husband and our two puppies, shopping or reading a good book.


  • B.A. Liberal Studies
  • M.S. Educational Counseling

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
  • California Association of School Counselors (CASC)


My philosophy toward college admissions is simple: each student is unique and capable of accomplishing their dreams. I enjoy working with students because they are so excited to learn about our world and have dreams to do such amazing things.

I believe in giving students the flashlight to navigate the path to their dreams. College planning starts in 8th grade when students register for high school; discussing college possibilities and dreaming about future careers can start even sooner. Ensuring the student and family are discussing college, maintaining a balance between academic and extracurricular activities, as well as managing stress levels are all keys to a successful high school experience and college admission. I enjoy getting to know my students, opening their minds to new things and helping them find the right path for their future.


“Anna Cavanaugh is an exceptional counselor. She went above and beyond for both of my daughters in this role at their high school, taking the time to truly understand their strengths and their interests. This included helping them to choose classes, assisting with securing internships, and using her knowledge and experience to guide them in choosing and applying to colleges.”

– Rachel H.

“Ms. Cavanaugh is a brilliant counselor. She is very kind and we always knew that she was genuinely interested in making sure our daughter achieved her goal of attending the right university for her! We began working with Ms. Cavanaugh when our daughter was a junior in high school and her help was invaluable in navigating the college admission process especially for a student athlete. Our daughter had official visits to Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and USC. Harvard required our daughter to submit her entire application in mid-august before her visit in early September. The Common Application had changed that year and there were some technical glitches. Ms. Cavanaugh assisted us in getting through the glitches in the system, by diligently working on our behalf to get in contact with the Common Application administrators. Our daughter successfully submitted her application prior to arrival and was offered admission to Harvard during her visit. Our daughter stated that the other student athletes on her visit had difficulty completing the Common Application and attended the visit without submission. Harvard allowed them to attend, but asked our daughter how she was able to submit her application. My daughter shared that she had a very dedicated and caring college counselor that found a way to work through the glitches. Harvard was impressed! ”

– Cindy R.

My son is still a freshman in cupertino high. I was heartened to see him start narrowing down his future career path to an existing area and trying to build foundation around it. His counselor, Anna provided links for all summer programs and internships. Even having my son start proactively planning all these in his freshman year wouldn’t have happened without Anna.”

–Vijay R.

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