Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson

Anne is an experienced counselor who has worked in education, counseling, and the youth non-profit sector for 15+ years. With a background in both development of individual students as well as getting them into top universities, Anne is skilled at connecting with students and families who are driven towards long term success.


I love working with students. This has been my passion my entire adult life. I bring a unique awareness of mentorship and leadership skills through my professional youth development experience with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove. As Head Counselor at a college prep academy in the Los Angeles area, I oversaw a team of college admissions counselors to provide comprehensive academic, career, and admissions counseling to countless students throughout southern California. In my role as an Academic and College Counselor at an elite private high school, I assess student needs to design individualized educational plans and consistently monitor academic progress to ensure students’ success in achieving their academic, college, and career goals. I’ve helped countless students review their academic progress and create engaging college applications, ultimately gaining acceptances to amazing schools, including Princeton, Cornell, UPenn, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, Boston University, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Harvey Mudd, Wellesley, all the UCs, and my alma mater, Swarthmore College.

Counseling Style:

I believe in a holistic student-focused approach to counseling, placing equal emphasis on academic achievement, career and college development, and personal growth of all students in becoming responsible, productive, and caring individuals. I prioritize rapport building with my students, characterized by mutuality and respect with a primary emphasis on one’s strengths and potential.


In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, gardening, juggling, and lounging with my two dogs while rewatching episodes of Parks and Recreation.


  • BA in History from Swarthmore College
  • MS in Educational Counseling from the University of La Verne, with a PPS Credential


  • NACAC, National Association of College Admissions Counselors

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