Carmen Livingston


Carmen Livingston

Essay Coach

Carmen is a highly experienced college educator, who has spent 20+ years preparing first generation students for college admissions through personal essay writing. She has worked as a journalist for publications such as The Syracuse Newspapers and has taught courses focused on research-based writing and argument.


Prior to my teaching years, I worked as a newspaper journalist for The Syracuse Newspapers, writing on the education beat. In addition, I worked as an associate producer at the Corporation for Educational Radio and Television in New York City. For more than 20 years, I have taught English to middle school, high school, and community college students. At the Community College of Allegheny County, I have taught creative writing, English Composition I, which is an introduction to rhetoric, English Composition II, a focus on research-based writing and styles of argument, and English 115, a Survey of General Literature as well as other English electives. I enjoy focusing on the process of building language skills and drawing out the voice of my students in their writing. In my spare time, I have worked with the online international tutoring service, Smart thinking, helping college students with essay writing, which at times involved essays for college admission to transfer schools and to graduate schools. I have tutored students in the writing of personal statements and for the SAT writing test. I believe anyone can excel on the page with practice and guidance.

Counseling Style:

My students characterize me as a concerned and caring teacher and advisor. They also acknowledge my skills and talents in getting them to grow as writers.


I love cooking, hiking, swimming, and traveling. One day I hope to have my own international cooking show because I am a foodie at heart.


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Chatham University
Master of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University
Certified PA secondary high school English teacher

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