Deema Shehabi

Deema Shehabi

Admissions Expert

Deema is an experienced private college counselor passionate about helping students develop both qualitative and quantitative factors to tip the scales in college admissions. She has over 10 years of experience in working with high school students in college admissions and currently serves as the College Counselor at a high ranking Bay Area high school.


My background as an English teacher and editor gives me a unique ability to counsel students in college admissions. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations from Tufts University and a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University. I also earned a Certificate in College Admissions Counseling and Career Planning from UC Berkeley’s extension program and have guided many students in their college application process. I am also an award-winning poet and published author.

Counseling Style:

A student’s potential lies in a duality of purpose, both in forming a distinct identity in these growth years and concurrently acquiring an evolved sense of self and place as he/she reaches fruition. My purpose is to help students achieve an actualized growth pattern while meeting intended goals.


In my free time, I love reading novels outside on a hammock and moon gazing.


  • Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations
  • Masters of Science in Journalism


  • Certificate of College Admissions Counseling and Career Planning, UC Berkeley Extension

Professional Affiliation(s):

  • Western Association of College Admission Counseling


“As my daughter was approaching her Junior year of High School, it became very apparent that the college search and application process that exists today is completely unrecognizable to what I had gone through myself as a teenager. College was a goal we had discussed as a family for years, and we had saved and planned to invest in our daughter’s future. Yet, when the time came, I was not at all prepared for the effort that is required to find the right fit for each student, nor the complexity of the college application process. “

“Working with Deema’s gentle and supportive guidance, my daughter was immediately put at ease and took ownership of the task, which in itself was wonderful preparation for college. Deema provided advice on test preparation resources and research for my daughter to create her short list of schools to visit and apply to. Her extensive knowledge of schools was invaluable in helping to create a list of schools that my daughter felt qualified for and could see herself attending. In August, before my daughter’s Senior year, Deema set up a weekly schedule and broke down the steps and goals for my daughter to complete the applications and essays without being completely overwhelmed. In doing so, my daughter was able to submit all of her applications by Oct 1, well ahead of the deadlines set forth by all of the schools. As a parent, Deema guided me through the world of FAFSA and CSS Profiles required for financial aid.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that had we not had the opportunity to work with Deema on this daunting task, my daughter would not have felt so confident about her college applications and the responses she received. I highly recommend Deema’s services without reservation to any family starting this journey.”

-Erin (Parent)

“From the moment my son began working with Deema, he felt a level of comfort, attentiveness, and responsiveness from her. Her presence throughout the college application process eliminated a lot of stress for my son and me, and she guided and nudged him to consider many possibilities for himself. Her ability to listen and draw out things that a parent or a teacher couldn’t have were an invaluable part of the process for applying for college, but also for assessing his accomplishment and defining his next chapter. She’s a wonderful support to young people in this difficult and daunting process! ”

– Persis (Parent)

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