Dennis Yan

Dennis Yan

VP Student Success

Having immigrated from China with degrees from Purdue and USC, Dennis understands the goals first-hand of UCEazy families. Dennis has served in admissions at both Purdue and UC Berkeley. In Dennis’ current role as VP of Student Success, he supports families by successfully connecting them into the best UCEazy Programs for them.

Dennis Yan has built a distinguished career in education, primarily handling leadership roles in college admissions and recruiting. As a first-generation American, he wanted to help students like himself and found UCEazy as a perfect match for his personal and professional goals.

He cares passionately about working with students and understands that a quality education goes beyond a diploma. In his current role, Dennis hopes that he can inform families and help students find their passions in life like he has through his American journey.

While working with the international students from China, Dennis found they struggled to understand the U.S. education system. This was similar to how he felt when he moved from his home country. Thus, he began his focus to educate students and families who are more familiar with the “Asian way” to approach college admissions.

Dennis went on to become the Director of Admissions for Purdue University in the Southern California region, where he reviewed applications and developed a recruitment strategy for the entire state of California. Following that, he developed a recruitment strategy for Northern Arizona University. In addition, Dennis was one of two readers for UC Berkeley’s newly formed M.E.T. (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) program.

Born in Fuzhou, China, he moved to America at the age of nine. Having attended school in both China and the U.S., he has firsthand experience as a first-generation student in the U.S. He graduated from Purdue University with a double-major in Business and Organizational Communication. He later received an MBA from the University of Southern California.