Dr. Dina Cunha


Dr. Dina Cunha

Admissions Expert

Dr. Cunha has 20+ years experience including career counseling at Stanford, college admissions at four universities including the prestigious UC Berkeley. Additionally, she is an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension’s College Admissions Certificate program and the Director of College Counseling at a Bay Area Private High School.


My experience in teaching and high school counseling has honed my skills in collaboration, leadership, and programming. Currently, I am the director of college counseling and the AP/PSAT coordinator at a Bay Area private high school.

Furthermore, my experience in college admissions counseling spans two UC’s (Berkeley & Santa Cruz), a CSU, and a private university in the San Francisco Bay Area. In that time, I have evaluated thousands of college applications. Additionally, I teach College Admissions Advising courses at UC Berkeley Extension’s College Admissions Certificate program to school counselors and aspiring independent college consultants.

Counseling Style:

As a first generation college student myself, I understand how daunting the college application process can be. My job is to try to break down the application process in order to make it manageable. I believe in a collaborative environment involving not only the student but the family as well. At the end of the day, my goal is to help students find colleges that fit their interests and values.


When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my three kids, reading, and learning new things.


  • B.A. History, University of California, Davis
  • M.S. in Counseling, San Francisco State University
  • Psy.D in Psychology, California Southern University


  • National Certified Counselor: National Board for Certified Counselors
  • California Teaching Credential: CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing)
  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Counseling: CCTC


  • Western Association for College Admissions Counseling (WACAC)
  • National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • APA Division 15 Educational Psychology
  • APA Division 16 School Psychology


“We just wanted to thank you so much for all of the support you gave us in the college application process. Not only did you meet with us multiple times, but you immediately answered weekend and late night emails. We have been amazed at the amount of work you are juggling and can’t quite figure out how you do it! We really appreciate you and your commitment to your job. You are so good at it and so knowledgeable about all of the colleges. Emily is thrilled to be going to Cal Poly and so are we. We owe you a big thanks for that!”

-Parent of Class of 2019 student attending Cal Poly

“Dr. Cunha, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done to keep our seniors on track with the college applications process (and parents too!). You have provided so much useful support and resources- from the videos, zoom meetings, not to mention the one-on-ones! We want you to know how much your dedication shows the sincerity we feel in return! You are the best.”

-Parent of Class of 2021 student attending UCLA

“At XYZ High School, I work right next to the college counselor. I’m exposed to a lot of college “stuff”. I am super impressed with the college “process”. The booklet that Dina created is phenomenal. The public schools don’t have anything like that. And, then the meeting today with Dina was very good. We reviewed the results of a career assessment, which is invaluable. Believe me when I say that there is nothing like this process at XYZ High School, nor the rest of the schools in that district. Tuition well spent. So thank you!

-Message to Head of School from Parent of Class of 2021 student

“Thank you so much for your continuous support and guidance through the daunting college application process. I know that I can reach out to you with any question, and you always give the best advice, and very quickly! You have been such a great help through this time and I can’t thank you enough.”

-Student, Class of 2021

We would be honored to support you during this journey.

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