Dr. Tina Singh

Dr. Tina Singh

Study Skills Expert

Experienced AP teacher. Dr. Tina Singh has taught AP courses for more than 17 years. She is passionate about helping students develop the foundational study skills needed for academic success. She is also a college admissions counselor for UCEazy.


I have been working in education as an AP Science teacher for the last 20 years at a high achieving school in the LA area. College consulting for the past eight years has given me the opportunity to connect and support students’ dreams in a way I could not do in the classroom. I truly enjoy working with students and their families on one of the most important processes of a student’s educational journey. My coaching experience includes: test taking strategies, study skills, time management, mock exams and providing content resources for AP STEM courses. I currently serve as UCEazy’s expert and group teacher for our courses related to achieving success in the classroom.

Counseling Style:

As a counselor, educator, parent, and student whose parents were educated outside the United States, I understand how daunting the process may seem. Therefore, I strive to guide students through all parts of the process and develop a plan tailored to each individual student.


I enjoy running, pilates, and working out to any cool HIIT YouTube videos and spending time with husband, daughters, and puppy 🙂


  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Master’s in Teaching Science, Bachelor’s in Biochemistry.


  • College Counseling Certificate from UCLA

Professional Affiliations:



“The past few years with Mrs. Singh as my counselor are something I will never forget. She simplified and broke down the college application process, consistently planned with my academic aspirations in mind, and provided me with a clear advantage as an applicant. Mrs. Singh demonstrates professionalism as well as genuine care for her clients and I would proudly recommend her to anyone!”

– California Institute of Technology (Caltech) student.

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