Jill Newman

Jill Newman

Jill Newman, has 30+ years of international and stateside experience as a high school counselor and teacher. She utilizes a personalized approach that encourages her students to be immersed in their own insightful learning with directed questioning techniques that help to discover a student's interests, abilities, and skills.


Counseling in high schools over the past 21 years, I have honed my expertise of social/emotional learning, wellness, mindfulness, and growth mindsets to assist students’ academic success and college readiness. I have vast knowledge of the college application process and the steps necessary for students to be prepared to have the most options available to them by choosing the best-matched high school courses, creating extracurricular opportunities, and finding their passions. As an educator, I have a deep understanding of various school systems and interventions (IB, AP, Common Core, UK, special education and Section 504) and how to negotiate potential pitfalls a student and family might encounter, leading to a happier and more successful school experience.

Counseling Style:

I employ an empathetic, warm, and communicative approach balanced with a healthy dose of humor when I am counseling students and adults. This allows me to be student-focused and use creative problem-solving to quickly adapt to change. I am proud to say both students and parents walk out of my office feeling they are heard and with forward momentum.


Beyond my work life I enjoy photography, hiking, world travel, sculpting and painting, and performing improv comedy. For the past two years I have lived and worked as a high school counselor/college counselor in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with my two cats, Kona and Kahlua. I was born and raised in California prior to moving to Taiwan and now I am living in the Portland, Oregon area.


  • asters in Educational Counseling from University of San Francisco
  • BA in Psychology from San Francisco State University
  • Credentials: Special Education, Multiple Subject Teaching, and Administrative


  • National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC)
  • Western Association of College Admissions Counseling (WACAC)

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