Julia Tushaus

Julia Tushaus

Admissions Expert

Julia supports a diverse population of students during the college application process by helping them achieve their post-secondary goals of securing offers of admission to hundreds of schools, including nearly every Ivy League, UC and Cal State campus, and other top-ranked institutions.


About Julia

I have worked in High School Counseling offices for the past decade. I love helping students navigate their high school experience and pursue their college dreams. My early years working in large, low-income high schools helped develop my passion for social justice and providing comprehensive counseling services to all students.

My experience is in private and public schools in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. My roles have been as a School Counselor, College Counselor, and Director of Counseling. I love opportunities to start new programs that meet the ever-changing needs of students throughout high school and the college admissions process. My current position as a College Counselor at Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego has allowed me the opportunity to further work with a wide spectrum of students. It’s been a joy to guide them through the process and see them earn admission at universities like Notre Dame, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, University of Chicago, University of Washington, and more.

In my free time, I love traveling, going to the beach with my husband, cooking new recipes, and exploring San Diego.


  • B.A. Psychology, minor in Education – University of California, Davis
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in School Counseling – University of San Francisco


  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential
  • UC San Diego Extension College Counseling Certificate

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
  • The American School Counselors Association (ASCA)


My personal counseling style is student-centered. College Counseling is a multi-year process that needs to start as early as possible. A student’s full educational journey helps determine who they become and where they eventually commit for college. I am a huge proponent of finding the right fit for every student. There are no two students made the same with the same experience. With the vast number of universities available in the US, students have the freedom to find the place that will meet their academic, financial, personal, and career goals. I like to learn and grow with my students, helping create a personalized plan that meets them where they are at in each grade level of their development. This includes helping them choose the right classes, find the right extracurricular opportunities, and supporting their social and emotional needs. I’ve found this approach keeps students encouraged and ready to move onto college after graduation.


“Mrs. Tushaus is one of the most amazing counselors out there! She is truly a kind, caring, and understanding counselor who will lead you to success. She knows how to tailor her skills to exactly what a student needs, whether it be emotional support, academic assistance, college advice, or just a genuine friend. Mrs. Tushaus is an outstanding counselor that goes above and beyond, putting the success of her students at the top of her priorities. She helped me figure out what I am looking for in a college, write and fine-tune my college essays, and understand the whole college application process. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream school with my dream major, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for electrical engineering. Mrs. Tushaus is easily one of the most supportive and knowledgeable counselors I’ve had and I am so thankful for her!”

– Ethan Najmy

“I had the privilege of getting to know Ms.Tushaus my senior year of high school! My situation was rather unique as I had been working with a different high school counselor before Ms. Tushaus joined our school family. I had been very close with my previous counselor and I was worried that I would not develop the same relationship with someone new. However, looking back I realize I had nothing to worry about! Ms. Tushaus completely exceeded my expectations as both a counselor and human being! Going through the at times scary and confusing college application process, I needed support and guidance tailored to my own needs. Ms. Tushaus provided just that and so much more! As much as she was my college counselor, she was a mentor and friend. Ms. Tushaus is the warm and fresh face that myself and other students needed to boost our confidence and get the ball rolling! Ms. Tushaus is dedicated to her work. She is compassionate, kind, and pushes her students to apply themselves wholeheartedly to their success as high school and future university students. Ms. Tushaus takes the time to understand each of her students as individuals so she can provide the best help for their situation. In my case, I needed a place where I could act on my passion for social justice and advocacy and that was both academically and culturally enriching. She worked with me to find just the right options that would fit my needs. Come the end of senior, I had committed to the Xavier University of Louisiana, the first and only Catholic historically black college in the nation, to study Sociology with a focus on Crime and Social Justice! I am forever grateful to Ms. Tushaus for the time she took to ensure I was prepared for the next chapter in my life!”

-Paloma Lopez

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