Kaitlin Alexander

Kaitlin Alexander

Essay Coach

Kaitlin is a career educator with a Master’s degree in Education and 10+ years of experience in secondary language arts classrooms. As a remote coach, she works with teens across the globe on both their writing skills and supports students to improve their executive functioning skills.


I was a public school language arts teacher for seven years, before moving to an elite private high school and online programs. My passion has been critical reading and writing, with a particular knack for improving student writing through breaking down tasks into manageable bits and providing actionable strategies. In addition to online writing coaching, I design and teach remote writing courses for homeschool clients. Through my work, I coach students in good study habits, and work with school stakeholders across the country to improve family involvement in student literacy. She has a knack for connecting with adolescents, and knows that confidence plays a role in their writing growth. Writing is a holistic and lifelong skill, and so glad to help college-bound teens be ready for their next big step!


My teaching style is to help students become self-aware. It’s important that they recognize their own areas of strength and develop their own strategy for target growth areas. I strive to boost confidence, but also enable students to push themselves through tough tasks. We all need to put our personal writing voice into our work.


When I am not working with learners to improve their writing, I am outside with my family in tropical Miami, Florida, where I currently reside.


  • BS Political Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • MA Reading Education, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
  • Currently pursuing a PhD in Teaching & Learning, Florida International University, Miami, FL


  • Certified Teacher in Secondary English, ESOL, Reading & Social Studies
  • Professional Affiliation
  • OLC (Online Learning Consortium)


“This instructor is a gem. She has a natural ability to connect with kids and has a great knowledge of writing organization to share with her students. She was so patient with my daughter and gave honest feedback for which I’m grateful for in an age where many teachers tend to gloss over things and just tell kids what to do.”

– Scott, Parent

“We homeschool and there are certain topics that are harder for me to teach. This was a fantastic supplement to her current English class. My daughter feels more confident and excited to write now!”

–Ms. R, Parent

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