Katy Watts

Katy Watts

Admissions Expert

Katy has more than 15 years of experience working as college admissions counselor with Masters in Educational Counseling & Pupil Personnel Services.


About Katy

I love college planning and counseling. I started out as a school counselor in a high school in the East Bay and after a few years working in CA public schools, I decided to move overseas, to Bahrain. There I spent two years working with international students in the IB program, looking to study in the US and all over the world for university. For eight years, I worked in two top Houston area private schools (IB and AP) continuing to guide domestic and international students. I have had students accepted from highly selective public and private universities to regional and local colleges.


  • MA Counseling, BA Sociology


  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC)

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • WACAC (Western Association of College Admission Counseling)
  • NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counseling)
  • ACCIS (Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools)

Counseling Style

My students and parents enjoy working with me because of my honesty, empathy and humor. I enjoy a collaborative approach to college planning and focus on finding the right fit relative to social, academic and financial considerations. I encourage my students to stretch themselves and to present their best selves in the college process, knowing that if they are true to who they are, they will find a great fit for their undergraduate years. My favorite part of college planning is helping a student to craft their college list and to see the possibilities. I am supportive and caring and not afraid of a little tough love, once in a while. If we all work together and each do our part, students find themselves satisfied with some great choices and happy knowing they have a bright future.


I feel lucky that Katy was a mentor to me when I first started working intensively with high school students. She is a great listener and truly hears what each student is telling her about their hopes and goals for their education. She works to understand their goals, needs and abilities to help find a college or university that will allow the student to find the greatest success. Katy is skilled in advising in students both domestic and international to colleges and universities stateside and around the world. Her university admission knowledge boarders on encyclopedic.

– Katie Blue, Director of College Counseling (at a private school in Houston)

My daughter is a Junior at MSJHS in Fremont. We reached out to UCEazy to get help with research and building the college list as well as to seek guidance for deciding on the Major. We worked with Katy, who my daughter found to be very knowledgeable and friendly. She was able to answer all her questions and provide guidance and very helpful actionable tips. Online meeting was very convenient and worked out well for my daughter’s schedule. The rates are definitely very, very reasonable for the quality of the service. We will be seeking more help from UCEazy during the essay-writing period as well. Definitely, recommend UCEazy to anyone looking for affordable and high-quality college counselors. Keep up the good job, UCEazy!!

– Parent, Ash B

Lucky for our son, he had Katy Watts as his college counselor through his Junior and Senior year. It wasn’t just what Katy did for him, but what she had him do for himself that was most impressive. From expert advice on resume writing, essay style and content to meeting tight deadlines, Katy enabled him to focus his objectives, distinguish his capabilities, emphasize his unique qualities and differentiate excellent programs at colleges that matched his needs. This included applying to Universities both in the USA and UK. He is now extremely happy studying in Massachusetts, and on a scholarship.

– Parent, Judith Brockelhurst

Ms. Watts is one of the most patient and nicest college counselors I’ve ever met. Her office was literally my second home back then. I was so glad that she was always there to listen to my concerns and complaints. While my parents were off having high expectations of me on the other side of the globe, she was here slowly guiding me and most importantly encouraging me throughout.

– Student, Deni Hui (international student from Hong Kong)

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