Leah Seabrook-Rocha


Leah Seabrook-Rocha

Essay Coach

Leah has 22+ years of teaching experience at the community college level and in the 6-12 classroom. She has been awarded for her accomplishments with Gifted Youth and was a Reader for AP US History Exams. Leah is dedicated to helping her students find their voice through writing and developing communication skills.


After I graduated from high school I attended the University of North Texas where I earned two BA degrees: one in history and the other in English composition. After graduation I enrolled in the University of California – Irvine’s MA program in History, where I graduated with my Master of Arts degree. I became an adjunct instructor right away and have continued to teach since. Later, I entered the prestigious University of California – Davis teaching credential program in History/Social Science and also earned my English/Language Arts authorization.

After earning my credential I was employed in California in the Gifted and Talented program for 8th grade English Language Arts. My primary focus was to develop strong writers in preparation for advanced coursework in high school and college. I was recognized with a Seeds of Literacy Award, a Special Recognition from the District, and my students’ test scores on state assessments were over 90%. I was also a member of the District English Language Arts Committee as an English Department Chair. Further, I was part of the District’s Innovator Cohort because weaving technology in writing is a skill modern students need in order to remain competitive in tomorrow’s job market.

I transferred to the high school level after several years of teaching English so that I could develop and deploy a dual enrollment program for both US History and World History. Over the four years I taught at the high school my enrollment increased exponentially and several of my students were admitted to prestigious universities. I also taught Advanced Placement World History courses for three years with a high pass rate. My focus has always been on solid writing principles and foundational skills that have applications across multiple disciplines. While in this position I was recognized as the Secondary Teacher of the Year and, most recently, I was one of the six teachers awarded the title Champion Teacher by LG’s Happiness League.

In addition to my teaching experience, I have also been a Reader for AP US History for several years, developed Civil Rights curriculum for various companies, and held leadership roles in implementing equity and increasing access for all students.

Coaching Style

My coaching style matches my teaching philosophy: to be the person I needed when I was younger. This guiding principle includes both strong academic expectations and concurrent social emotional support in order to create a student who feels responsible for their learning and confident in their abilities.


Outside of work I enjoy comedic writing, reading, listening to podcasts, volunteering, and riding my bike.


  • BA in English Composition from the University of North Texas
  • BA in History from the University of North Texas
  • MA in History from the University of California Irvine
  • Credential History/Social Science and English Language Arts from the University of California Davis


  • American Historical Association
  • Community Colleges Humanities Association
  • California Association for the Gifted
  • CAP Computer Using Educators


  • GATE Certification from the University of California at San Diego Extension
  • Google Certified Educator Level 1
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2
  • CORA Teaching Boys and Young Men of Color
  • CORA Unconscious Bias in the Classroom
  • WES International Academic Qualification – MA Canada

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