Michael Tsai

Michael Tsai

Admissions Expert

Michael has 15 years of academic, college applications, and test prep experience. He has guided students that have been accepted into Stanford,UC Berkeley, UCLA and other top tier colleges


About MIchael

A second-generation immigrant who grew up in the Bay Area, Michael succeeded through the highly rigorous academic environment of Silicon Valley public schools and went on to graduate from one of the most competitive public universities in the country. Michael finished his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in 2010 and was salutatorian at Lynbrook High School, one of the top 100 high schools in the nation.

Michael shares his hard-earned experience to mentor and counsel other families and students through a challenging high school and college admissions process, building students into strong, holistically developed candidates and human beings.

Most recently, Michael was elected to the Milpitas School Board in 2018 in his first-ever race, bringing his educational expertise to serve a large community of over 10,000 students.


  • B.A., UC Berkeley

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • Milpitas Unified School District Governing Board Member


In the world of academic testing, I scored very high on the SAT and nearly perfect on the GRE. I can give you or your student the tools he or she needs for academic success, making the best use of a student’s limited and valuable study time.

My counseling philosophy has four pillars:

1. Holistic student development that takes advantage of his or her strengths and interests
2. Near-term and long-term academic planning
3. Testing and study strategy, short-term and long-term
4. Understanding and meeting the student where he or she is at


“Michael Tsai was a great help to my student at Milpitas High School. He equipped Jackie with effective SAT strategies and study skills, helping boost her SAT score by 130 points within a few months. Michael hones in on a student’s academic challenges with laser accuracy, targeting the help where it is needed most. He helps students grow effectively and holistically despite having limited study time. With Michael’s guidance, Jackie was admitted into her top university choices so she can pursue her dream of biomedical engineering. Thank you Michael.”

– Connie Jones

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