Natalie Rodriguez


Natalie Rodriguez

Admissions Expert

Natalie is an experienced college admissions counselor, community college counselor and a professor knowledgeable with IB and AP programs.


About Natalie

I was born and raised in the Bay Area in the heart of Silicon Valley. My parents are first generation Americans and always pushed me to attend college. My parents emphasis on education helped to define what it would take for me to become a college graduate. I graduated with my master’s in Counselor Education when I was 23 years old and knew school counseling was exactly where I wanted to be. Thirteen years later I haven’t looked back and love what I do.

I worked with many high school and college students and enjoy helping them develop a realistic plan of how to get to college. My goal isn’t to just get them to college but to also succeed in high education. I have many tools and resources that I work with to help develop plans for their future. Some universities that my students have been accepted to are UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, MIT, UC San Diego, Santa Clara University, Stanford and many more. I am only here to guide and support students. I’m very fortunate that many of my students strive to do what it takes to succeed. My students make everyday an amazing one.


  • MA in School counseling
  • BA in Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies


  • PPS Credential
  • Administration Credential
  • Testimonial

    Mrs. Garcia was my academic advisor and had a wonderful rapport with all of her students because she genuinely cared about every single one of us. What separated Mrs. Garcia from the rest of the advisors was her ability to connect with every single one of her students, regardless of their background. Mrs. Garcia was also amazing at simplifying collegiate concepts that, to a first-generation student like me, were otherwise completely incomprehensible. She played such a huge role in my High School career that out of college, I wanted to become a High School advisor myself. And although life had other plans for me, I have no doubt in my mind that one day I will be helping and assisting High School students like Mrs. Garcia has for several years. I can only hope to be half the counselor she is!

    -Matheo Hurtado

    Mrs. Garcia was an amazing counselor for me and many other students like myself. She helped me tremendously throughout my high school years to prepare and apply to college. As a first generation Chicano I did not have much knowledge or resources to seek out a college education but Mrs. Garcia made all the difference in the world. She was always available to me for any questions I had and for any problems I came across. She made sure that I completed all the paperwork necessary when applying to different opportunities such as camps and summer programs which would enhances my profile for colleges. She kept me up to date with deadlines and she always checked in with me. She was one of the most critical people for my success in high school and my path to college. Not only did she help with all the logistics and made sure I was on top of my work but she also became a close friend who cared about my well-being. I owe much of everything I have accomplished to her. I currently work at Santa Clara University as the Web and Technology Coordinator for the Drahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center after graduation from SCU in 2014 as a Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Spanish triple major. Mrs. Garcia will always be a very special person in my life and one of many role models who I seek to be like one day.

    -Juan Peralta

    Mrs. Garcia is an awesome counselor! She was definitely one of the main people that I turned to for guidance and support. Her help was always sincere and her approach was encouraging. They say that high school is an experience that one never forgets because of the friends you make and the experiences you live, but in all honesty, high school is an experience that I will never forget mainly because of the teachers and the staff. The positive impact that Mrs. Garcia had on me was to never give up and to always speak up. Mrs. Garcia is one of the few people from high school that I still keep in contact with, her input and guidance is still appreciated, even eight years after graduation.

    -Leslie Llanos

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