Nick Keough

Nick Keough

Essay Coach

Nick has 14+ years of English teaching experience. AP English Literature and Research & Writing are the courses where he has spent most of his career. Nick believes that the ability to communicate, especially through clear, concise writing is an essential skill, one that can be learned and honed with guidance and practice.


As both a teacher in a diverse high school, as well as the program coordinator for an adult English Language Learner program, I have gained extensive experience working with students of culturally diverse backgrounds. Additionally, working as the head advisor of my high school’s yearbook publication, I have had the opportunity to work with students on the basic tenets of journalism and storytelling. I have a passion for assisting developing writers with finding their voice and the confidence to write with creativity, clarity, and conciseness.

Coaching Style:

Narrative writing can be an extremely personal experience. Because of that, I focus on developing a strong rapport with my students so that they feel comfortable and confident in telling their stories.


Outside of teaching, I enjoy attending concerts, traveling, and watching collegiate sports.


  • BS in Secondary Education and English Literature, University of Scranton
  • Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Boston College
  • Masters of Arts in English Literature, Villanova University


  • English Language Arts (7-12)
  • ELL (K-12)
  • Mathematics (7-9)

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