Deanna Goldberg

Admissions Expert

Deanna has 25+ years of experience as a college admissions counselor at both elite private and public schools. She is a graduate of UCLA and a reviewer for the prestigious UCLA Alumni Scholarship Program. Deanna is an expert in supporting student development and currently teaches UCEazy’s Soft Skills Development course.

Dr. Cynthia Gutierrez

Admissions Expert

Cindy loves her work as an External Reader of UCLA applications since she is an alumnus of the school for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Cindy has spent 15+ years working with students to help them gain admissions into their top choice colleges and is an expert in working with students and families.

Blair Betts

Admissions Expert

Blair has worked at one of the top ranked private high schools in the country as the Assistant Director of Counseling supporting students and families from diverse backgrounds. She has also served as an admissions officer at two universities. Aside from a counselor, Blair is UCEazy’s Orientation Specialist.

Anna Cavanaugh

Admissions Expert

Anna is an experienced and passionate College Admissions Counselor with 15+ years of experience at the high school level. She earned a Masters in Educational Counseling degree and excels in supporting student development. She enjoys guiding student in their early years to set them up on a path to success.

Andrew Jezierski

Admissions Expert

Andrew is an admissions advisor at the prestigious University of Chicago. He also has 15+ years as a college counselor at elite high schools on both East and West coasts. This unique and varied experience allows him to specialize in admissions at top tier colleges for the most motivated students.

Amy Pimentel

Admissions Expert

Amy Pimentel has worked in College Access, counseling, and student services for 14+ years. Amy has also served as an External Reader of UC Berkeley Admissions for several years. Her passion and experience in admissions allows her to provide a 360 view for students who are aiming for top universities.

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