Treana Marbrey

Admissions Expert

As an External Reader for UC Admissions and with 10+ years of experience as a College & Career Counselor TreAna has significant experience in guiding students and families through the college admissions process. TreAna’s strength is working with first generation students and those whose parents were educated outside of the US.

Trevor Smyth

Admissions Expert

Trevor has worked in college admissions counseling at an elite private high school for 10+ years and is also an External Reader for UC Berkeley Admissions. He has extensive experience developing the potential of highly aspirational students including athletes, many of whom have found success at top 20 universities.

Terry Gilbert

Admissions Expert

Terry previously led application review teams at Purdue and Carnegie Mellon, primarily in engineering and computer science. Terry is knowledgeable about how to support students to enhance their candidacy for admission at selective institutions. Terry currently reads applications for George Washington University.

Tim Ravey

Director, College Admissions

Tim is an Admissions/Recruitment Specialist at UC Berkeley and has reviewed thousands of applications and essays.

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