Jocbethem Tahapary

Admissions Expert

With over 25 years professional experience working on both ends of the college application and admissions process, Jocbethem is the ideal counselor for developing students as well as getting them into their dream college. Jocbethem has served as admissions counselor and assistant director in three university admissions offices and as a counselor at top ranked high schools in California.

Tim Ravey

Director, College Admissions

Tim is an Admissions/Recruitment Specialist at UC Berkeley and has reviewed thousands of applications and essays.

Dr. Emily G Goldman

College Admissions Expert

Emily is an instructor at UC Irvine’s College Counseling program. She has earned Ph.D. (NYU), M.A.( Columbia), and B.A. (Duke)

Harishankar Rangaraj

Director of IT and Operations

Harishankar has extensive experience in software development and design of user experiences. He is passionate about creating a joyous experience for UCEazy customers.

Amy Parrish


Amy has more than 25 years in marketing and was a former NBC News journalist. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Karen Rowe


Karen has close to 20 years of college admissions counseling experience and is a nationally recognized presenter on college planning. She is also an external application reader for the University of California.

David Campos

Director of Programs and Solutions

David is a Stanford graduate with more than 10 years of experience in college admissions. He is a strong believer in developing a multi-dimensional student for success in college admissions.

Shari Schussel

Director, Xcellerator Program

Shari has more than 10 years of college admissions counseling experience. She is also an external application reader for UC Berkeley.

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