Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia is a high school counselor with 15+ years of experience in successfully guiding students through their high school journey and the college application process. Her career spans across various programs in California, including one of the highest ranked and competitive STEM public high schools in the Bay Area.

Dr. Tina Singh

Study Skills Expert

Experienced AP teacher. Dr. Tina Singh has taught AP courses for more than 17 years. She is passionate about helping students develop the foundational study skills needed for academic success. She is also a college admissions counselor for UCEazy.

Richard Napora

Financial Aid Expert

Rik has 20+ years of experience in college admissions counseling and has counseled thousands of students in personal, academic and career areas. In addition, I have taught graduate level classes in both career development and counseling technology in the School Counseling program at San Diego State University.

Kaylin Liang

Kaylin is an experienced college counselor with a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by immigrant families in navigating college admissions. She has worked as a college admissions counselor in top international high schools in China and as Director of Academics at a leading Northern California high school.

Anne Johnson

Anne is an experienced counselor who has worked in education, counseling, and the youth non-profit sector for 15+ years. With a background in both development of individual students as well as getting them into top universities, Anne is skilled at connecting with students and families who are driven towards long term success.

Cynthia Darling

Essay Coach

Cynthia has been a high school English teacher in independent high schools for 20+ years. Her treasured role has been guiding high school seniors in writing their college personal statements and supplemental essays. Cynthia has also served as part of the Admissions Committee where she conducted reviews of student writing.

Kristen Wiley

Director of Xcellerator™ Program

Kristen worked at an elite private high school for 10+ years. With her experience as an External Reader for UCSD Admissions and in the field of medical research, she has a broad understanding of supporting students to think outside of the box. Kristen is UCEazy’s Assistant Director of the Xcellerator Program.

Terry Gilbert

Terry previously led application review teams at Purdue and Carnegie Mellon, primarily in engineering and computer science. Terry is knowledgeable about how to support students to enhance their candidacy for admission at selective institutions. Terry currently reads applications for George Washington University.

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