Anne Semone, Ph.D

Admissions Expert

Anne has 20+ years of admissions counseling, teaching and research experience at community colleges in California and the Midwest. She has also assisted dual enrollment students with college and financial aid applications. With a background in education and research, Anne provides expertise in essay writing, researching college programs, and navigating the college admissions process.

Ana Maria Soler Ed.D.

VP of Programs

Annie is the UCEazy Vice President of Programs where she oversees all programmatic elements of the family’s experience. As an advocate for college access, her doctoral research on first-generation students and 15+ years of experience support the alignment of the Academy’s 8th-12th grade programs.

Allen Rigby

Director of Program Strategy

As the UCEazy Director of Program Strategy, Allen utilizes his experience with highly-selective college admissions by guiding students through the application process. In addition, Allen focuses on program development and expansion to ensure a comprehensive and holistic Academy experience for UCEazy families.

Ashley McWilliams

Ashley has 15+ years of experience working with students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process. As a counselor at a high ranking Northern California high school and a former college admissions officer, she has a holistic understanding of how the admissions process works every step of the way.

Aliya Avarista

Associate Director of College Counseling

Aliya’s 10+ years of college admissions counseling and experience on admissions committees at JHU and other private universities, provides her with advanced knowledge of how to strategically craft competitive college applications. As the Associate Director of College Counseling, she is passionate about promoting an individualized college process in order to connect families and students with their right fit.

Alison Tovar

Family and Student Success Coach

Ali has 15+ years experience as an Education Specialist, working with students and families to ensure student success. She believes all students have the ability to reach their goals, and specializes in implementing strategies to support each student based on unique individual needs.

Anne Johnson

Anne is an experienced counselor who has worked in education, counseling, and the youth non-profit sector for 15+ years. With a background in both development of individual students as well as getting them into top universities, Anne is skilled at connecting with students and families who are driven towards long term success.

Abby Croft

Admissions Expert

Abby has reviewed thousands of applications for highly competitive STEM programs at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. She is currently an academic advisor at Purdue University and is the ideal fit for students pursuing admission at top universities.

Amy Parrish


Amy brings a diverse 30+ year career in public relations, marketing, technology and journalism to the team. In her current role at UCEazy, Parrish leads the strategy and creative solutions for integrated marketing campaigns for UCEazy.

Anna Cavanaugh

Anna is an experienced and passionate College Admissions Counselor with 15+ years of experience at the high school level. She earned a Masters in Educational Counseling degree and excels in supporting student development. She enjoys guiding student in their early years to set them up on a path to success.

Andrew Jezierski

Admissions Expert

Andrew is an admissions advisor at the prestigious University of Chicago. He also has 15+ years as a college counselor at elite high schools on both East and West coasts. This unique and varied experience allows him to specialize in admissions at top tier colleges for the most motivated students.