Monica Ibrahim

Admissions Expert

Monica is an experienced college counselor with a Masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For over a decade, Monica has worked with students and families who have been educated abroad, helping them to secure admissions to top tier institutions. In addition to leading a college counseling team at an international boarding school in New York, Monica has experience as an External Reader for UC Berkeley Admissions.

Michael Tsai

Admissions Expert

Michael has 15 years of academic, college applications and test prep experience. He understands the journey of our UCEazy families and his unique approach with students encourages out of the box thinking and action. Michael has guided students that have been accepted into Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and other top tier colleges.

Melissa Royal

Admissions Expert

Melissa has more than 12 years of professional experience in admissions and academic advising. She has worked in college recruitment as well as in university student services providing transitional support for admitted students and in Melissa’s current position, she provides counseling services to high school students applying to universities.

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