Chris Nielsen

Essay Coach

Chris has been an English teacher for 16+ years working with students in grades 8th through 12th. His strengths include helping students from diverse cultural backgrounds grow their confidence in writing. His approach to coaching supports students in finding their voice and writing a compelling story.

Nicholle Wyatt

Admissions Expert

Nicholle has 14+ years of experience as an External Reader at UCLA and UCSD Admissions. She is also the Lead Admissions Coach for USC’s Bovard Scholars Program. Nicholes’s 25+ years of college counseling, including at an elite private high school, supports her students in gaining admissions into their dream college.

Jocbethem Tahapary

With 25+ years working on both ends of the college admissions process, Jocbethem is the ideal counselor for developing students and helping them reach their dream college. He has served in the admissions offices for three universities and is a long-time External UC Admissions Reader.

Tim Ravey

Director, College Admissions

Tim is an Admissions/Recruitment Specialist at UC Berkeley and has reviewed thousands of applications and essays.

Dr. Emily G Goldman

College Admissions Expert

Emily is an instructor at UC Irvine’s College Counseling program. She has earned Ph.D. (NYU), M.A.( Columbia), and B.A. (Duke)

Harishankar Rangaraj

Director of IT and Operations

Hari has extensive experience in website and software development and stays up to date on the latest technology and trends. He has worked with numerous brands to develop websites that create a joyous user experience. Hari’s goal is for UCEazy families to discover everything they need online and make it easy to find.

Amy Parrish


Amy brings a diverse 30+ year career in public relations, marketing, technology and journalism to the team. In her current role at UCEazy, Parrish leads the strategy and creative solutions for integrated marketing campaigns for UCEazy.

Karen Rowe


Karen has 20+ years of college admissions counseling experience and expertise with both public schools and rigorous private schools students. As an External Reader for UC Admissions for several years, Karen understands what top tier colleges seek. She also serves as UCEazy’s Director of the College Admissions Program.

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