Kellee Carter

Admissions Expert

Kellee has more than 22 years of experience working and recruiting for undergraduate and graduate college admissions. She currently serves as an assistant director of enrollment in a California State University.

Karen Rowe

Program Director

Karen has 20 years of college admissions counseling experience and expertise with students from both public schools and rigorous private schools. She has been an External Reader for UC Admissions for several years and understands what top tier colleges are looking for. Karen is also the Director of the College Admissions Program at UCEazy.

Julia Tushaus

Admissions Expert

Julia is an experienced, student-centered, comprehensive counselor, passionate about working with diverse populations. Julia has worked in top ranked public and private high schools for over 10 years including LA, San Diego and the Bay Area. Julia’s students have a long list of acceptances to top colleges including all Ivy’s, Univ of Notre Dame, USC, Univ of Michigan and much more.

Jose N. Ireta

Admissions Expert

With over 18 years of experience working as a college admissions counselor his students boast acceptances to UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA, USD and Stanford and a number of his students have been recipients of the prestigious Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Jennifer Brookover

Admissions Expert

Jen has spent 12 years as a school counselor in both Philadelphia and in California, which provides her insight and experience with both East and West Coast universities. Jen also serves as the Director of College Essay Writing Program at UCEazy which is why she always thinks about how activities will be best communicated in a college essay.

George Mailat

Admissions Expert

George has guided more than 9,000 students through the admissions process process. He enjoys assisting students secure offers of admission and financial aid packages to hundreds of school. This includes nearly every Ivy League, UC, Cal States, and other top-ranked institutions within California and out of state.

Esperanza Solis

Admissions Expert

Esperanza is an experienced college admissions counselor with a Masters in Educational Counseling & Pupil Personnel Services.

Deanna Goldberg

Admissions Expert

Deanna has over 25 years experience in college admissions counseling. She is a UCLA graduate and is a reviewer for the prestigious UCLA Alumni Scholarship Program.

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