Becky Swanson

Essay Coach

Becky Swanson has accrued her experience as an educator in the Midwest working with 7th through 12th graders for the past 14 years. Becky holds a Master’s degree in Education and currently teaches English at an elite high school near Purdue University.

Brian Ford

Admissions Expert

Brian has served as the Director of College Counseling for an elite private school near Boston as well as an Assistant Director of Admission at Boston University and Bryant University. He has reviewed 60,000+ college applications including admissions reviews for BS/MD programs and has assisted students in gaining admissions to schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Northwestern and other top tier colleges around the world.

Blair Betts

Admissions Expert

Blair has helped students from diverse backgrounds gain admission to top colleges like Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, USC, Swarthmore, University of Chicago, Caltech, U.Penn, Columbia and MIT. Worked as an admissions officer at two universities.

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