Stephen Williams

Essay Coach

Stephen has over 30 years of experience in education serving in various roles such as AP English teacher and college counselor. His extensive knowledge has been passed on through his professorship at the prestigious UC Counseling Certification Program.

Shari Schussel

Director, Xcellerator Program

Shari has more than 10 years of college admissions counseling experience. She is also an external application reader for UC Berkeley.

Sudeshna Majumdar

Career & Majors Specialist

Sudeshna has advised more than 3,000 students about career paths and employability on both the East and West Coasts. She has worked in the career and internship offices at four universities including a STEM based private college, a large private college and a small liberal arts college.

Stephanie Sachs

Admissions Expert

Stephanie has more than 27 years of experience as a college admissions counselor at the high school level. Stephanie is also an External Admissions Reader for UC Admissions.

Spencer Barr

Admissions Expert

Spencer is an experienced college admissions counselor with 20 years of working with high school students as a mentor, coach and counselor. His work is student focused as he prides himself in helping students look within themselves to find the aspects they most want in a post-secondary institution.

Shari Schussel

Program Director

Shari is an Experienced, holistic focused counselor with extensive work with Bay Area families. Shari has worked for nearly a decade at Monta Vista High School which is the top STEM school in California and also is an External Reader at UC Berkeley Admissions. Currently, Shari serves as the Director of UCEazy College Prep Program.

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