Jeralyn Johns

Admissions Expert

Jeralyn has over thirty years of experience in education including counselor for the past 25 years. Jeralyn’s experience as an external reader for UC San Diego for the past seven years has enabled her to gain valuable insight into college admissions and the importance of developing a strong foundation in early high school.

Jessica Seth

Admission Expert

Jessica’s background at Harvard Medical School Outreach Program, Tufts Alumni Admissions interviewer and Questbridge Reader, gives her the experience needed to support students on the foundational aspects of their college journey. Jessica thrives working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Jocbethem Tahapary

Admissions Expert

With 25+ years working on both ends of the college admissions process, Jocbethem is the ideal counselor for developing students and helping them reach their dream college. He has served in the admissions offices for three universities and is a long-time External UC Admissions Reader.

Jennifer Brookover


Jen has spent 12 years as a school counselor in both Philadelphia, PA and in California, which provides her insight and experience with both East and West Coast colleges and universities.

Julia Tushaus

Admissions Expert

Julia is a comprehensive counselor who thrives in the details of developing the whole student. She has worked in top ranked public and private high schools for 10+ years in LA, San Diego and the Bay Area. Julia has spent the past several years as an External Reader for UC Admissions.

Jose N. Ireta

Admissions Expert

With 20+ years as a college counselor at a top ranked high school, Jose’s students boast acceptances to top universities in the US. Many of his students have also been recipients of the prestigious Bill Gates Scholarship. Jose specializes in individualizing the college application process for students with a range of needs.

Jennifer Brookover

Admissions Expert

Jen has 12+ years as a counselor and AP English teacher in both Philadelphia and California. Her English background provides her students an advantage as they tackle college essays which are one of the most essential pieces of college applications. Jen also serves as UCEazy’s Director of College Essay Writing Program.

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