Kaitlin Alexander

Essay Coach

Kaitlin is a career educator with a master’s degree in education and ten years of experience in secondary language arts classrooms. As a remote coach, she works with teens across the globe on both their writing skills and supporting their executive functioning skills.

Kaylin Liang

Admissions Expert

Kaylin is an experienced college counselor with a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by immigrant families in navigating college admissions. She has worked as a college admissions counselor in top international high schools in China and as Director of Academics at a leading Northern California high school.

Kristen Wiley

Admissions Expert

Kristen worked at an elite private high school for 10+ years. With her experience as an External Reader for UCSD Admissions and in the field of medical research, she has a broad understanding of supporting students to think outside of the box. Kristen is UCEazy’s Assistant Director of the Xcelerator Program.

Kelly Hedgspeth

Admissions Expert

Kelly earned a Master’s at Harvard, where she specialized in Mind, Brain, and Education. She has worked as a college counselor at an elite private high school near Boston and currently serves in the Admissions Office at the university level. Kelly teaches UCEazy’s course on “The Impact of Stress on Academics”.

Karen Rowe


Karen has close to 20 years of college admissions counseling experience and is a nationally recognized presenter on college planning. She is also an external application reader for the University of California.

Keyon L Anderson

Admissions Expert

Dr. Keyon Anderson works as an External Reader for UC Berkeley Admissions and has 15+ years of experience as a College Peer Advisor, motivational mentor/speaker and the Director of a College Access Program in California. In addition to his college roles, he is also a published author and business owner.

Katy Watts

Admissions Expert

Katy has 15+ years of experience as a college admissions counselor at places including an international school with the top ranked International Baccalaureate program. In addition to her years as an External Reader for UC Admissions, she helps students gain a competitive advantage over their local competition.

Kellee Carter

Admissions Expert

Kellee has 22+ years of experience working in admissions and recruiting in the university setting. With her background in the college space, Kellee provides her students with the “insider” view of the college admissions process. She currently serves as an assistant director of enrollment in a California State University.

Karen Rowe

Program Director

Karen has 20+ years of college admissions counseling experience and expertise with both public schools and rigorous private schools students. As an External Reader for UC Admissions for several years, Karen understands what top tier colleges seek. She also serves as UCEazy’s Director of the College Admissions Program.

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