Priyanka Dinesh

Priyanka Dinesh

Admissions Expert

Priyanka is highly experienced in supporting community college students in transferring to 4-year colleges. Priyanka currently serves at the highest ranking Community Colleges that boast the highest transfer rate in California including De Anza College. Priyanka is passionate about our UCEazy student and parent population.


About Priyanka

She has assisted students on steps for academic remediation, conducted workshops on note-taking, stress and time management, and college orientations at the college level (San Jose State University, Las Positas College). Priyanka currently advises students, who are transferring from a community college to four-year colleges. Her work includes: guiding students through transfer policies, application processes, major preparation, GPA requirements, and school-specific policies at the community college level (currently at Mission College, but she has previously worked at De Anza and Las Positas College).

I’m glad that I found my niche during my undergraduate studies. With a service-oriented approach, I felt most comfortable with a Psychology major. I am grateful that my educational journey has brought me to a point, where I can now help others like myself, who was uncertain at one point, and guide them in finding their ideal major and pursue their career and educational goals.


  • Education: M. S., Psychology & Education
  • M.S., Counseling Psychology
  • B.A., Psychology


  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential


I have worked with a diverse student population with varying needs. In my work, I assist students in identifying suitable majors and in applying to prospective four-year colleges, particularly UCs and CSUs. I guide students through the college application process, and help them gain an understanding of General Education (GE) requirements, STEM major and non- STEM major preparation, GPA guidelines, and UC TAG (Transfer Admissions Guarantee) eligibility, among several other concerns.

As a first-generation immigrant myself, I understand the challenges faced by other first-generation parents, in providing the right educational guidance to their children. I hope to use my experiences to help students to effectively choose the right colleges and gain acceptance to the colleges of their dreams. I will help secure your child a successful academic and career journey.

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