Richard Napora

Richard Napora

Financial Aid Expert

Rik has 20+ years of experience in college admissions counseling and has counseled thousands of students in personal, academic and career areas. In addition, I have taught graduate level classes in both career development and counseling technology in the School Counseling program at San Diego State University.


About Rik

After a series of “jobs” including military service, Federal Law Enforcement, and a colorful collection of other endeavors, I decided it was time for a career change.

Shortly after I began my English teaching career, I realized that what truly motivated me was working with my students on a more individual level to guide and encourage them towards setting and reaching their goals. I returned to Arizona State University as a graduate student, and I earned my Master of Counseling Psychology degree with an emphasis in school counseling.

For the past 18 years, as a credentialed high school counselor, I have counseled thousands of students in personal, academic, and career areas. I especially enjoy guiding my students throughout the “road to college” journey, from start to finish, as they grow from fledgling freshmen to confident young adults with multiple offers from colleges that truly suit them as individuals.

In addition to teaching and counseling at the high school level, I have taught graduate level classes in both career development and counseling technology in the School Counseling program at San Diego State University.


  • Arizona State University Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education (English/Business)
  • Arizona State University Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (emphasis in School Counseling)


  • Teaching Credential (English), CA Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Professional Affiliation(s)

  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
  • American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

Counseling Style

To adequately prepare themselves for the ever-changing landscape of college entrance requirements and admissions standards, potential applicants need accurate guidance and direction. For students who have effective self-advocacy skills and access to school counselors with reasonable caseloads, guidance is often available. For other students, who are not strong self-advocates or who have limited access to school counselors, working with an independent college consultant can yield exceptional results. An experienced, informed, and effective consultant can assist students with any or all aspects of the college preparation process and expand post-high school options.

Wherever students might be in their high school experiences, effective guidance can dramatically alter their aspirations and, ultimately, their trajectory. If they hope to optimize their college opportunities, students need to focus on such topics as ideal course selections, standardized testing strategies, extracurricular endeavors, career development, and campus match techniques…long before the college application process begins. For students who seek guidance relatively “late in the game,” effective guidance can provide immediate goal-setting, prioritization of resources, campus match assistance, and an accurate timeline with clear deadlines.

If you believe your student could benefit from guidance that will be tailored to suit his or her individual situation and needs, I would be happy to assist.


Without your patience and genuine interest in seeing me succeed I would not be where I am (at Dominican University) today! As a first-generation college student, I was lost in not knowing where to even begin when picking out the perfect college, but your guidance reassured me that I would find my perfect fit. I have never met a more enthusiastic, well-versed, passionate counselor and I thank you very much for everything you did for me!

– Jessica S (former student).

I first went to Mr. Napora with absolutely no decisions made about college. He showed me how to use the inexhaustible resources he has cataloged online during his time as a counselor. Then, he went through each of them with me and narrowed down schools to apply to, which were financially relevant for me, and how to make them work with what I wanted out of my college experience. Later, he helped me through every step of my application process. From the essay to the little questions about GPA and indexing and everything. Later, once I had heard back from schools, he alone helped me to narrow down the options and choose my university. On the rare occasion he didn’t actually know the answers to my many obscure questions off the top of his head, he researched them and got to back to me with record speed. Mr. Napora is the best counselor I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and I highly recommend him as a high school counselor, college admissions adviser, and an amazing problem-solver in general.

– Michelle S (former student).

Mr. Napora was always patient and understanding while answering my questions about the process of college applications. He always responds to emails ASAP which is reassuring to anxious students. He still answers my emails today even though he’s not obligated to anymore and I am grateful for all the help and encouragement he gave me.

-Diana T (former student).

My counselor wasn’t very technologically gifted, so when I went to ask him about my teacher recommendations and how to submit them online, he spent half an hour trying to figure it out and couldn’t, so then I went to Mr. Napora and he was able to figure it out and fix the problem in five minutes.

-Jacob G (former student).

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Napora as my counselor during the majority of my time at Newbury Park High School. Not only is he kind and courteous, but he is also extremely intelligent. I don’t think I ever had a question that he could not answer. Mr. Napora knows how to solve problems efficiently and with the least amount of stress. Many times I would walk into his office frantically worrying about some aspect of my college applications or what classes to take, and in less than ten minutes he would have all of my problems solved. Going to my counselors in college has shown me just how spoiled I was with Mr. Napora. There is truly no better person for the job

. – Joelle S (former student).

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