Stephanie Sachs


Stephanie Sachs

Admissions Expert

Stephanie is a comprehensive college admissions counselor with 27+ years of experience at the high school level. Her commitment, passion and deep history provide an understanding of college admissions trends. She continues to also serve as an External Admissions Reader for UC Admissions.


I come from a family of educators. The question growing up was always, “Where are you going to college?” That is where it all began. Researching colleges and universities on my own was an adventure I enjoyed. Now being a high school guidance counselor for over twenty-seven years, I get to do what I love every day. As a lifetime learner, I am dedicated to keeping up with current trends and changes in the college process and my network of college admissions personnel at the university level is quite extensive.

Counseling Style :

My belief is that everyone is unique and so is their journey in life. By actively listening to students and their families I can better assist them in a more manageable college process by getting to know them. My mission is to assist students to find the right academic, financial, and social college path.


As a mother of two adult children, I have assisted them in the college seeking adventure. My son graduated a year ago and my daughter is a junior. I enjoy learning everyday and spending time with my husband and our two black pugs.


  • MS in Educational Counseling


  • Pupil Personnel Services

Professional Affiliation(s):

  • Orange County California Association of School Counselors (OCCASC)
  • Making Waves Foundation for College Counselors


“I couldn’t have applied for Quest Bridge, the CSS Profile, Financial aid, the Common App along the many other college applications without the help of Mrs. Sachs. I could come into her office all stressed out and I would leave with a sense of accomplishment. She just knew how to put me at ease.”

-Senior 2016

“My daughter is a first generation student and we didn’t know how to help her with any information about college. We knew that we wanted her to go but didn’t know how to get started. Mrs. Sachs was so helpful and was able to explain each step in a very clear and simple way. We are grateful for all of her assistance, support and patience.”

-Senior 2015

“Mrs. Sachs was so helpful with my son’s college exploration. She made herself available to assist him and us with the many questions we had. She helped us navigate the websites. If she didn’t know something about the university she would call the school right then and there. We appreciate all of her hard work.”

-Senior 2017

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