Tanya Cummings


Tanya Cummings

Admission Expert

Tanya has 15 years of college admissions experience both in selective private college admissions on the East Coast and at an elite private high school on the West Coast. Tanya boasts a long list of students gaining admissions to STEM focused majors at top universities across the country.


My current position as Associate Director of College Counseling at one of the most desired private high schools in the Seattle area, has allowed me to guide and encourage some of the strongest students in the country. My background in college admissions and passion for the development of students, allows me to help students flourish and pursue their passions while tipping the college admissions scales.

As a first generation college graduate who grew up in the Virgin Islands, I am passionate about working with our UCEazy families. Whether it’s working with students to find the right fit or answering concerns from parents, I look forward to working with students to make their college planning experience joyful and memorable.

Counseling Style:

The college process can be daunting and overwhelming. My counseling style focuses on reflective listening and partnering with students and families to alleviate concerns and strengthen their knowledge about college admissions.


Outside of work, you will find me reading and pretending to be a knitter and gardener. Having been born and raised in the Caribbean, travelling domestically and internationally is a major component in my life. My goal is to join the Travelers’ Century Club, so far I’m very close to reaching my goal.

We would be honored to support you during this journey.

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