Terry Gilbert

Terry Gilbert

Terry previously led application review teams at Purdue and Carnegie Mellon, primarily in engineering and computer science. Terry is knowledgeable about how to support students to enhance their candidacy for admission at selective institutions. Terry currently reads applications for George Washington University.


I’ve had the privilege of directing the national recruitment strategy and diversity initiatives for Purdue and Carnegie Mellon, respectively. Those experiences have been invaluable in understanding how students can benefit from colleges’ efforts to build a diverse, comprehensive class. In my professional admissions career, I’ve read tens of thousands of applications for highly selective programs for Purdue, Carnegie Mellon, and George Washington Universities. That experience has given me insight on the application components, extracurricular experiences, and essay composition of the most competitive students.

Counseling Style:

I’m very attentive to the needs, desires, goals, and dreams of students with whom I work. I approach each student’s college search process as if it is my own, ensuring that every element and detail is thoroughly considered and evaluated. Preparing and applying for college should be an enjoyable experience, but like most goals, reaching high levels of success will challenge you in order to realize it.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, staying physically active, and taking an active role helping underserved people in my community. My happy place is anywhere I can play or coach basketball…. as long as it’s indoors or warm.


  • B.S. Management – Purdue University
  • M.S. Student Affairs & Higher Education – Indiana State University