Vaitheesh Kolady

Vaitheesh Kolady


Vaitheesh (VK) is a first-generation immigrant and co-founder of UCEazy. Through the years, he has worked as a software development executive and has a passion for creating high-quality college admissions solutions at affordable fees.

Vaitheesh (VK) Kolady, a 25-year veteran in the technology industry, is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of UCEazy. As a first-generation immigrant, VK and his partner Vinnie Gupta started UCEazy as a way to level the playing field for students whose parents were born outside the United States. Following his own personal experiences, he has helped families understand the nuances to securing admission into top-tier universities and colleges.

VK has extensive experience managing software engineering teams at global companies like Oracle. During his career, VK has built both onshore and offshore engineering teams. He has led teams to deliver high-quality products in multiple areas.

With a successful track record of building software products that solve interesting problems, VK is responsible for building a web-based platform at UCEazy that is easy for parents, students and counselors to use for their interactions. Currently, his passion is for creating high-quality solutions that are affordable.

VK was born in India. He earned his BS in Physics at Madurai Kamaraj University and his Master’s in Computer Science at Bharathiyar University. He currently lives in Cupertino with his wife and two sons who are all very active in philanthropy. One of his sons will be attending Purdue University to study engineering.

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