Vinnie Gupta

Vinnie Gupta


Vinnie is a first-generation immigrant and co-founder of UCEazy. He is passionate about helping immigrant families achieve their American dream through high-quality college education for their children. Vinnie’s first-hand knowledge and experience in the college admissions process make him an in demand speaker.

Vinnie Gupta, co-founder and President of UCEazy, has always believed that quality college education is the key for immigrant families to realize their dreams in the United States. UCEazy was founded to help students whose parents were born outside the U.S. receive expert guidance, as they navigate through the American high school system and the college admissions process.
Vinnie was born and raised just north of New Delhi, India. He attended top-ranked Indian universities, including the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta where he received his MBA and BITS Pilani where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In 1993, he immigrated to the U.S. to pursue a Silicon Valley dream and to provide a better quality of life for him, his wife and young child.
After working a job in Torrance, CA for several years, Vinnie made his way up California’s Pacific Coast, following his dream to Silicon Valley. Vinnie spent 20 years working with several start-ups and large companies, including Cisco and SUN (acquired by Oracle), where he focused on global K-12 and higher education.
In 2014, Vinnie decided to leave the corporate world to satisfy his entrepreneurial itch and co-found UCEazy. The company origins began with a commitment to help students in the 11th and 12th grades, whose parents were born outside the U.S., with the college admission process. Recently, UCEazy developed a Multi-Dimensional Student program to assist students in the 8th-10th grades become well-rounded and stand-out from a college admissions perspective.
Today, Vinnie is considered a thought-leader in preparing students and their families for college admissions and securing entrance into the college of their dreams. His expertise has been showcased in major media outlets such as USA Today and the Washington Times, as well as ethnic publications such as India West and India Currents. He is a frequent guest on multiple radio stations across the country.
Vinnie’s wife was recently named Educator of the Year by National Geographic. His daughter graduated from UCLA and is now in the MBA program at UC Berkeley. His son just graduated from the prestigious University of Chicago.

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