Payment Plans For College Admissions Counseling

8th Grade
$600 Paid Annually
9th Grade
$840 Paid Annually
10th Grade
$960 Paid Annually
11th Grade
$1,300 Paid Annually
Meetings 6 Meetings 7 Meetings 9 Meetings 12 Meetings
Provided Activities
High School Preview
Transition to High School
Course Selection
Extracurricular Strategy
Summer Planning
Testing Strategy (PSAT,SAT, ACT, SAT II)
Recommendation Letters
Essays (Summer)
Comprehensive Plan for Application Process
Resume Writing
Strategy for Selecting Majors
College List
Campus Visits Strategy

Details and Options:

The prices above are based upon meetings over Internet video. We use very high quality video conferencing software. If you are interested in meeting in-person, please contact us for the program fee. We offer in-person meeting options in several big cities in the US.

We can create a custom program for you in case you would like to work with a particular UCEazy counselor. Review the profiles of our counselors here.

If you like, we can create a custom program for you that includes best-in-class counselors for different aspects of the college admissions process. For example, your team might consist of:

  • An expert on top tier private colleges
  • An expert on UCs
  • A creative writing coach for high impact essays

To order or to get more details, click here to arrange a free consultation.

Please note that our pricing for a particular grade (8-11) applies to the current school term through June 30, 2018, and is subject to change. Monthly pricing is based on 8 equal monthly installments starting in November 2017 and ending in June 2018. Clients would need to authorize automatic charge to their credit card.