8TH – 10TH GRADERS – College Admissions Made Eazy

Payment Plans For College Admissions Counseling

8th Grade
$600 Paid Annually
9th Grade
$840 Paid Annually
10th Grade
$960 Paid Annually
Meetings 6 Meetings 7 Meetings 9 Meetings
Provided Activities
High School Preview
Transition to High School
Course Selection
Extracurricular Strategy
Summer Planning
Testing Strategy (PSAT,SAT, ACT, SAT II)
Strategy for Selecting Majors


1. Program Duration:

  • Our pricing for a particular grade (8-10) applies to the current school term through June 30, 2018.
  • Monthly pricing is based on 8 equal monthly installments starting in December 2017. Clients would need to authorize automatic charge to their credit card.

2. Stress-Free Decision Making: For any of the packages above, you can start by investing in just one hour of our counselor’s time. This one-hour would be adjusted if you upgrade to one of our packages within two weeks.

3. Custom Options (Additional investment will be required in most cases):

a. In-Person Meetings: The prices above are based upon meetings over Internet video. We use very high quality video conferencing software. If you are interested in meeting in-person, please contact us for the program fee. We offer in-person meeting options in several metropolitan areas in the U.S.

b. Choose Your Counselor: We can create a custom program for you in case you would like to work with a particular UCEazy counselor. You can review profiles of our counselors here.

c. Tiger Team Approach: If you like, we can create a custom program for you that includes best-in-class counselors for different aspects of the college admissions process. For example, the team might consist of:

i. An expert on top tier private colleges
ii. An expert on UCs
iii. A creative writing coach for high impact essays

4. Prices are subject to change without notice.

To order or to get more details: Please call 650-257-0305 or email info@uceazy.com
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