UCEazy’s Services for 8-12th grades: the Multi-Dimensional Student Program and the College Admissions Program

UCEazy has been guiding students whose parents were born outside the U.S. through the college admissions process for many years. Co-founders Vinnie Gupta and Vaitheesh (VK) Kolady, both born outside the U.S., started UCEazy to level the playing field for these students. The company has primarily focused on families with students in the 11th and 12th grades to help them understand the nuances of the American education system and assist them in securing admission into top tier universities.They have done this by offering one-on-one counseling via video conferences and seminars, as well as webinars.
This year UCEazy has rolled out a new program called the Multi-Dimensional Student Program. The Multi-Dimensional Student Program is for 8th-10th graders, whose parents were born outside the U.S.We believe that a multi-dimensional student is one who achieves in academic, social, emotional areas and communicates well.These students are unique and able to think independently.For a student to become a multi-dimensional student, he/she must have the proper foundation, and the foundation needs to start as early as the 8th grade.
“We have learned that colleges and universities in the U.S. are no longer focusing primarily on GPA and SAT/ACT scores, when it comes to college admissions”, said Vinnie Gupta, co-founder of UCEazy. “Because of this shift, parents and students need to understand that college admissions departments are placing the emphasis on admitting a multi-dimensional student.”
The services offered in this new program will include one-on-one counseling, one-on-one coaching for creative writing, webinars for parents and students, as well as parent resource groups.
For students in the 11th and 12th grades, UCEazy will continue to offer the College Admissions Program uniquely focused on students whose parents were not born in the U.S. or were educated primarily outside the U.S. The purpose of this program is toguide students as they work to be accepted into the colleges of their dreams. The services included in this program include one-on-one personalized guidance, essay head start (for juniors only), client-only webinars and parent resource groups.
If you would like to learn more about either of these programs please visit our Junior Programs or Senior Programs