October Tips for 8th-12th Graders

October Tips for 8th-12th Graders

With the uncertainty of SAT/ACT’s impact on college admissions, it is more important than ever for students to shift their focus on rigorous academics and meaningful extracurricular activities.
UCEazy’s team of experts share tips to support students during this unprecedented time while navigating high school and staying competitive for college admissions.

8th Graders: Explore

  • Research activities that would help you explore your interests and potential college majors
    • Start with your school and local community
  • If you are already involved in activities you enjoy, find ways to build depth and pursue leadership
  • Don’t get discouraged if you run into a COVID-related obstacle. Instead, use creativity and input from mentors to pursue what you enjoy outside of the classroom.

9th Graders: Build

  • Explore clubs and on-campus activities that you may be interested in joining
    Find a balance of joining clubs that are creative and non-academic and also major-related clubs. (ex: Biology Olympiad Club and Drawing Club)
  • Evaluate your experiences and apply for leadership positions in areas that you really enjoy
    Research virtual opportunities that fit your interests, personality and potential majors (ex: STEM tutor for elementary students, book reviewer for a local library)

10th Graders: Grow

  • If you are involved in a wide range of activities, this is the year to dig deeper and narrow your scope of interests
  • Establish career goals through your most meaningful activities
  • Aim for a balance between academics and extracurricular throughout the school year
    Keep in mind that 10th grade is the last of the foundational years as you prepare for college admissions

11th Graders:

  • Assess your time management. Are you allowing yourself enough time for schoolwork, activities, sleep and social time?
  • Evaluate grades. Are you doing as well as you planned?
  • What are you doing in your extra-curricular activities? Are you making an impact even though you are most likely learning online?
  • Consider online community service activities.
  • With so many colleges remaining test-optional or test blind next year, what makes the most sense for you for standardized testing?

12th Graders:

  • Create application accounts if you have not done so
    • Common App., Coalition App and school-specific applications
  • Finalize your college list
  • Finish editing your main essay
  • Edit your supplement essays
  • Evaluate your grades
    • Remember, some colleges can still use these for admission decisions
  • Reconnect with your teachers who are writing your letters of recommendation and don’t forget to thank them
  • Meet with your high school counselor to verify your college list and confirm the dates that they will send your transcript