UCEazy Guides Students with Parents Educated Outside of the U.S.

As an online academy, we simplify the high school journey and college admissions process. UCEazy works with students from 8th-12th grades, plus college transfers, gain admission to all colleges in the U.S. Please watch this 2-minute video from our CEO.

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As an Immigrant Parent, Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?


that your child won’t get into a good college


about navigating the U.S. education system


that the system is stacked against your child

Your needs are unique when it comes to navigating the U.S. High School system and the college admissions process. UCEazy offers proprietary programs based on the fact that our leadership has gone through these same experiences with their own families. Our qualified experts provide one-on-one guidance to meet our student’s needs and add a competitive advantage.

We encourage you to live without regrets by capitalizing on our knowledge to help your student gain admission to the college of their dreams.

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1st Online Academy

UCEazy is the first online college admissions academy in the U.S.

Rise to the Top

98% of our students were admitted to colleges ranked in the Top 10%


We support students from 26 states across the country


We offer more than 60 experts on staff to offer one-on-one guidance

Choose Your Student’s Journey

Don’t wait until it is too late to get help for your student. The UCEazy online academy offers three proprietary programs for students that begin as early as the 8th grade.