UCEazy’s philanthropic efforts are designed to provide low-income, foreign-born parents assistance during the college admissions.

The Problem

The college admissions process has increasingly become highly competitive and complex. Therefore, most students need assistance to secure admission to the college of their dreams. This assistance typically comes from school counselors or parents.

Unfortunately, students from low-income immigrant families, oftentimes, are not able to receive sufficient or appropriate guidance they need for college admissions. First, parents are unable to provide the necessary help because they did not attend high school or college in the U.S. Second, many public high schools cannot afford personalized support with college admissions, especially with a student to counselor ratio in the U.S. of 475:1.

Inadequate guidance presents challenges such as not knowing how to compete against other students and making poor decisions that result in either underselling themselves or having an unrealistic college list.

Our Solution

Provide free college admissions counseling to students from low-income families with foreign-born parents.

Program Funding

UCEazy funds this program through:

• Pro bono work from UCEazy counselors.

• Monetary donations from our customers and others, with UCEazy matching contributions.

• Please contact UCEazy at “info@uceazy.com”, if you would like to make a donation and help these students.

Qualification Criteria

• Family income below the national median household income of $61,937 (per U.S. Census 2018), and/or student qualifies for federal free/reduced lunch program.

• Cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0.

How to Apply

• E-Mail UCEazy at “info@uceazy.com” to begin the application process.