UCEazy Co-Founder Vinnie Gupta is a first-generation immigrant living outside San Francisco. He attended an elite private high school in India followed by prestigious colleges like the BITS, Pilani and the IIM, Calcutta, prior to beginning a successful career in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, his wife is a career public school teacher. In spite of their education and career achievements, Vinnie and his wife found the high school journey and U.S. college admission process for their own children to be confusing and overwhelming. From coursework selection to summer planning to preparing a college list to writing college application essays, they struggled to help their children get into the college of their dreams.

Huge Disparity Between Public & Private High Schools
They also realized that their public high school, a highly rated one, was hopelessly unequipped to provide quality and personalized guidance to them or their children. They even considered moving their children to a private high school but found the good ones cost prohibitive.

While speaking with their friends who were born and educated in the U.S., Vinnie and his wife realized that they faced a huge information gap in terms of understanding the high school journey and college admissions process in the U.S.

Overall, they felt overwhelmed and highly fearful that their children will miss out on good college admissions.

Finding a Partner & Creating UCEazy
Realizing that millions of families throughout the U.S. faced similar circumstances, Vinnie sought to create an organization that levels the playing field and reduces the stress for these families. VK Kolady joined him as a co-founder. VK is a first-generation immigrant as well with a life journey similar to Vinnie’s.

The framework of UCEazy was established in 2015. From the beginning, UCEazy has provided one-on-one counseling via videoconference, as well as offering educational seminars and webinars.

We believe that traditional college admissions counseling is not a complete solution for meeting the needs of students with foreign-born parents. That’s why UCEazy has been adding new solutions to supplement college admissions counseling.

Adding New Solutions
In 2018, we rolled out the College Prep Program for students in grades 8-10 to help differentiate themselves in college admissions by becoming the more well rounded candidates that colleges seek. In 2019, we evolved into our current academy model to serve as a one-stop-shop for everything that a student needs for college preparation and admissions. In our academy model, multiple experts work with a student based upon the program that the student is enrolled in.

Today, UCEazy is proud to support students from immigrant families in 26 states through a large team of experts. Last year 98% of our students got admitted into colleges ranked among the top 10% in the country.

The Future
The journey has been incredibly fulfilling in terms of making a difference in the lives of so many families. The hugs and tears from families make the hard work totally worth it.

We are continuing to grow our solutions to meet every need of our students and their parents. Stay tuned…