UCEAZY PHILANTHROPY – College Admissions Made Eazy

Our Mission

Provide an equal chance at college admissions to students from low-income immigrant families

What Problem Are We Trying To Solve

The college admissions process has become highly competitive and complex. Most students need help with this process. Typically, this helps comes from school counselors or parents. Unfortunately, students from low-income immigrant families do not have access to help from either of these sources.


1. The parents are unable to help because they did not attend either high school or college in the US.
2. Most public high schools, especially ones attended by low-income immigrant families, cannot afford personalized help with college admissions. For example, the student to counselor ratio in CA is 825:1.

Without adequate help with the college admissions process, we believe that most students from low-income immigrant families will face the following challenges:

1. They will not be able to compete well.
2. They will make suboptimal decisions and end up under selling themselves.

Our Solution:

Provide free college admissions counseling (guidance) to students from low-income immigrant families.

Program Details:

1. Target Families:
      • Our initial focus is California given the large number of immigrant families in the state.
      • Family income below CA median family income of $64,500.

2. Sourcing of Students:
We will partner with foundations and community organizations that work with low-income immigrant families. Example: Peninsula College Fund, http://www.peninsulacollegefund.org/.

Program Funding:

Resources for this program will come from three sources:
1. Pro bono work from UCEazy counselors (listed on uceazy.com/union ).
2. Cash donations from our customers, matched by UCEazy.
3. Donations of money or time (e.g. mentoring, essay review etc.) from good Samaritans.