Timely Tips for November

The holidays are upon us, even if they look different this year. While students will be spending time celebrating, it is important for them to stay on track with their academics and extracurricular activities. Below are some tips from the UCEazy Experts to help students in 8th-12th grades. Grades 8-10 Study tips for finals: Communicate: […]

UCEazy Hires Two Senior Executives to Support Company Growth

The online academy simplifies the high school journey and college admissions process for students whose parents were educated outside the U.S. CUPERTINO, Ca. (Oct. 8, 2020) – UCEazy, an online academy for college admissions, is excited to announce the hiring of Dennis Yan as its vice president of customer success and Shari Schussel as its […]

October Tips for 8th-12th Graders

With the uncertainty of SAT/ACT’s impact on college admissions, it is more important than ever for students to shift their focus on rigorous academics and meaningful extracurricular activities. UCEazy’s team of experts share tips to support students during this unprecedented time while navigating high school and staying competitive for college admissions. 8th Graders: Explore Research […]

Deepti UCEazy Video Interview

In this video interview, UCEazy College Prep Lead Counselor Shari Schussel chats with a former UCEazy and Irvington High School student who now attends the University of California San Diego. Deepti explains how she used her summer to discover her future career path with the help of UCEazy.

What Students in 11th – 12th Grades Need to Know for Back-to-School

Despite the current climate, the 2020-2021 school year is right around the corner. Students need to be aware of their priorities and develop the skills to complete them for a successful year. Below are some tips that UCEazy has prepared to help 11th and 12th graders while virtual learning. 11th Graders This is your last […]

What Students in 8th – 10th Grades Need to Know for Back-to-School

The recent announcement about schools practicing virtual learning has us all wondering about quality instruction and mastering concepts. As a mother of two school-aged children, I am concerned about their ability to adapt to the requirements of a virtual classroom. As parents with a strong desire to provide the best resources for our children, including […]

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