Hello, PTA Representative! We’re happy to have you at UCEazy. Keep scrolling to learn more about who we are and how to get involved.


Who is UCEazy?

We’re a Silicon Valley startup with a simple mission— make college admissions easy and accessible to everyone! We’ve been through the college admissions process ourselves. We understand it can be overwhelming, and we think that’s not how it should be. Our high-tech solutions will provide you, and your PTA community, the tools to make the college admissions process successful and stress-free.

How do I get involved?

We have two great ways for your PTA community to get involved! Here they are :

Raise money for your school
with our
PTA Give Back Program

We believe that when your community is strong, your students succeed. That’s why we’re willing to donate 5% of sales from your members back to your PTA. Sound like a plan?

Yes,I will sign the enclosed
form and email to info@uceazy.com
Wait,I have a
few more questions…

Schedule a Free Workshop such as a webinar or seminar to educate your members on the
world of college apps.

Would You Like to Schedule a

Yes, contact me Can I learn
more about current workshops?