Role of Parenting in Admissions into a Top Tier College?

Role of Parenting in Admissions into a Top Tier College?

By Vinnie Gupta, Co-Founder, UCEazy


The new school year has begun and whether your child is an 8th grader or a 12th grader, college is always on the forefront of the minds for most parents.


As a first-generation immigrant family, we didn’t understand all the nuances to secure admission into top tier universities such as Stanford or Ivy League Colleges. Even though my co-founder and I had successful careers in the U.S. as immigrants, we struggled with understanding how to best prepare our children for college in America.


However, we knew there had to be a better way to simplify the college admissions process. UCEazy was founded to provide easy access for first and second generation immigrant families to top-quality college admissions guidance – while reducing stress for both the child and parent.


Through my journeys as a parent and as UCEazy co-founder, I learned that top tier colleges seek special and unique students. I believe that the parenting style of most Indian American parents is counter to what is needed for creating an unique student.


Many Indian American parents seek compliance from their children, rather than allowing them to make their own decisions. If these parents don’t change, their children are unlikely to develop into the unique student that top colleges desire.


Consider the following in preparing your child for the college process:

  • Let go of fear about your child’s future – While we sacrificed and left our country and families behind, our children will never be without basic needs. With this security, they should dream big. Allow them to take risks to follow whatever path they choose.
  • Let them make their own decisions – You need to learn to let go of your children. Shift accountability of many decisions to them. Involve the child in discussions, so they can take ownership and pride in their decisions. Let them experiment and fail.
  • Expand their horizons – Think beyond the careers that brought you professional success. Why can’t your child start the next Google, become a Supreme Court Justice or the President of United States? If you want your child to dream big, you also need to dream big.
  • Being quirky is good – Allow your child to think differently. Many famous explorers and entrepreneurs are quirky, and that’s okay. Allow them to create their own paths versus following the beaten track.


In America, parents cannot be passive partners in the high school journey. They need to become better informed, so they can guide the children and provide parity with families where the parents have lived in the country for many generations. In addition to the core programs for college admissions, UCEazy launched a series of parental educational webinars that offer insight into the high school journey in America.


Become an active participant in your child’s high school journey and let UCEazy help show you the way. I encourage you to take fear away from your children and don’t be afraid of their future. Dreams come alive when you are not afraid. That’s one of the ways to create the unique student that top tier colleges are seeking.


About UCEazy: UCEazy provides private coaching (counseling) to prepare students – from 8th grade through 12th grade – and their families for taking the next step to the college of their dreams.


UCEazy also created a “Giving Back” Program to provide free college admissions counseling to students from low-income immigrant families. We seek both applicants and donors of money and time. Please email


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