September Tips for 8th- 12th Graders

September Tips for 8th- 12th Graders

Now that school is back in session, students in the 8th-12th grades need to think about laying the foundation for a successful school year. This foundation will include an academic plan for the school year and self-discipline through time management.

8th – 10th Graders

Below are some tips to better understand how to work towards a routine of academic success:
  • Consider academic goals for this year such as maintaining A and B grades throughout the school year.
  • Stick to a routine that will allow you to overcome any unforeseen challenges.
  • Complete homework as practice for the exam.
  • Ask for help when homework becomes challenging and overwhelming.
  • Choose a quiet place to study and go there in order to be free of distractions.
  • Take notes after reading textbooks and review them if needed.
  • Highlight and summarize key notes from class.
  • Review at least three to five days in advance of tests and quizzes.

11th Graders

This is the most rigorous and most important academic year.
  • Get ahead in your assignments and studying for exams
  • Continue to develop extracurricular activities
  • Work towards adding depth in your activities
  • Get to know your supervisors/moderators well – you may need their support in future endeavors

12th Graders

Maintain strong work in academics
  • Connect often with teachers, community members and counselors–they can support you with recommendation letters.
  • Provide a thorough resume to people writing recommendation letters, and ask them in-person to write you a letter.v
  • Continue updating your college list.
  • Be realistic about which colleges will be a dream, target or high chance of acceptance.
Parents monitor students’ stress levels throughout the year. The routine approach listed above should give students a more balanced life, reduce stress and allow them to be involved in non-academic activities.
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